A group of farmers and agronomists stand in a field

IN10T builds its business in South America by establishing grower relationships, managing customer experience, and delivering essential ag data

By: Nico Reinoso, VP South America

Over the span of my diverse career, my work has taken me all over the world. It’s because of this that I’ve been exposed to so many ways of doing business. One thing I’ve observed is that each country, each culture can’t be treated the same. I have found that it’s the knowledge of those cultural nuances that helps companies effectively reach target audiences. That’s definitely true in my own corner of the world.

Argentina is my home country, though I’ve also lived in Brazil, and have worked and traveled extensively across all of South America. I have a deep familiarity with the people and cultures here, particularly in the agriculture industry. Just as each country is unique, so is the individual ag market. It’s this knowledge that has made my role of VP of South America at IN10T so rewarding, knowing how to meet the farmers where they are.

Research shows that the Latin American ag market is experiencing significant growth, seen especially in the crop protection and biotechnology sectors in Brazil and Argentina.

Nico Reinoso talks with a farmer

Reinoso spends much of time working directly with the growers before, during, and after field trials.

Marcos Machado, SA Agronomy Lead, paused to take a photo while visiting a grower's field in Argentina.

Marcos Machado, SA Agronomy Lead, paused to take a photo while visiting a grower’s field in Argentina.

These regions are also increasingly focused on sustainability, and using biological products is starting to become the new norm. Farmers are looking for new technology and innovative ag tools to use on their operations, but with so many products and companies in the market, how do they know how to invest their time and resources?

I have found that South American farmers, particularly in Brazil and Argentina are very professional and eager to adopt new technology. However, merely having access to information and technology will not drive adoption.

They are focused on relationships, not just data. This connection is foundational for growers to introduce, embrace, and eventually adopt new on-farm technologies.

At IN10T, we have the data, and want to build relationships

IN10T can work at a local level, while also having the expertise of the big picture. When clients are looking for data from trials run on South American soil, IN10T is on the ground, delivering an effective and individualized experience for the farmers as well as providing the trial data that ag companies need.

Reinoso and Machado speak with a prominent Brazilian farmer about her operations.

Reinoso and Machado speak with a prominent Brazilian farmer about her operations.

You might say or think that others can do what we do, or perhaps think that it’s not that hard. We have a unique business model in South America that drives companies and growers to work with us. We’ve figured out how to take a potentially messy experience and make it efficient and effective for not only ag companies, but for the growers they’re trying to reach. It’s this unique business model in a dynamic region that allows us to help introduce new on-farm technologies to growers and potentially accelerate their adoption.

Working with IN10T is simple, it’s efficient, and it’s effective. By building relationships with growers in South America–and meeting them where they are–IN10T can help ag companies who want to build their businesses in that region.

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