Looking towards the future with INvision

INvision 2022: Innovating into the future

By Randy Barker, CEO

Throughout much of North America, combines have begun rolling, and harvest is upon us! With harvest, farmers have a lot to do–prepping machinery, getting people in place to help, ensuring there’s a plan for where the grain goes, and much more. But farmers are not just thinking about what’s happening at the moment; they’re already thinking about what’s ahead, because harvest marks the start of planning for next season.

The farmers in our network are eager to try new things, and ag businesses are eager to test their products or services in real-world conditions. The good news is that the IN10T INvision platform can be the supportive backbone for product adoption, delivering accurate and timely data and insights, helping farmers and ag businesses make important decisions in the future.

Since we introduced INvision last year, our Technology and Innovation teams have continued to enhance its features. INvision was not developed to be a one-and-done tool. We always knew it would shift, adjust, and grow with the changing needs of our clients and farmers, as well as with the ever-evolving world of agriculture.

As we enter into the last quarter of 2021, I want to share some of what we’ve learned during the last year of using, developing, and enhancing INvision and what we’re looking forward to in 2022 and beyond.

Gathering ag data is simplified with INvisionIN10T INvision and INfield App Screenshots

Data in agriculture is critical; the insights gleaned from that data are even more important. But there is so much data in so many places. Where do you start?

That line of thinking led us to develop INvision to be a one-stop shop for all data that is relevant to a trial or a demo. This allows our ag business clients to see how their product is performing at more than one point during the season. Instead of waiting for yield data at harvest, businesses have access to in-season data to make decisions in near-real-time regarding their product.

We recognize that it’s not just planting and harvest data that impact a trial, so we’ve continued to be agile and integrated more information and systems into the platform. This includes soil profiles, drone imagery, lab data (of tissue sampling, for example), and showing precise product- and application-specific data layers within field boundaries.

We also developed the INfield App, which delivers geo-located field visit information (images, crop ratings, condition notes, etc.) that feeds directly into the platform. What was once a multi-step, long process can now be completed in minutes, from the field.

As information rolls in at multiple points during the season, clients have visibility into the numerous factors that impact a trial or demo–it’s all available in the INvision platform.

Getting farmers involved
IN10T INvision upload data screenshot

In the past, IN10T worked directly with farmers to get data from their farms in any form or fashion–sometimes we got a USB stick, sometimes we sifted through a lot of spreadsheets, and there were plenty of data files from varying farm management information systems (FMIS). Over the years, the approach to access farmers’ data has changed, but we continue to see value in having farmers involved because their input is so critical in successfully getting a product to market.

INvision is set up to allow farmers to upload the relevant data to the platform, and data like planting, spraying, and harvest files come directly from the farmers’ own hand.

Some data is so individualized that it can’t just be uploaded, so this past summer the team developed a new section called the Field Management Information tab. It’s a fully customizable section that allows farmers to provide details specific to their field (such as tank mixing, application info, previous crops, and more) as it relates to a trial.

IN10T INvision Field Information screenshot

Field information can be customized and shared in the Field Management tab.

A benefit to engaging farmers throughout the trial process is that they’re much more invested in the product’s success. We know that just giving product away does not accelerate product adoption. But we also know that farmer trials participants are prospective customers for the products they’re testing. The product data that they see is their data and is validated by their most trusted source: themselves. That’s the most valuable opinion for marketing to farmers.

Down the line, I’m excited to see other ways we will involve farmers in the trial data, such as the ability to access View Fields (trial-specific field data layers) or giving them the autonomy to download their trial reports upon completion.

INvision simplifies digital opportunities

INvision data dashboard Progress Report by IN10T

The Analyze Tab aggregates all relevant trial data in one place.

Historically, ag businesses have used a wide array of software, spreadsheets, and other tools to track trial progress and results. This information is complicated to bring together, and insights can be difficult to extract.

When INvision was first conceptualized, one of the most important aspects of building the platform was to integrate with existing digital tools (FMIS, aerial imagery, etc.), allowing businesses and farmers from all areas of the industry to seamlessly begin using it in their own operations.

INvision continues to integrate with digital applications, but our integration-friendly architecture does not mean we’re not still innovating and enhancing what INvision is capable of; it means that we recognize that the digital landscape has a lot to offer.

For instance, with so much data coming into INvision from multiple applications, we designed a way for our clients to not only see their trial data throughout the season but to analyze it. We developed the Analyze Tab, which aggregates the data from all trial participants in real-time.

You get the data. We get the data to work for you.

You’re invited: See INvision for yourself

We are proud of the work that has been done in just one year, but just as farmers are already making plans for next season, we are looking ahead at what’s next. We have big plans for INvision, which means big plans for our clients!

In the meantime, we welcome you to see all that INvision has to offer for your business. This is your chance to see how the platform works, what it looks like, and to envision the possibilities for the growth of your ag innovation.

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