Client collaboration brings new products to market

By: IN10T

Colton Mills, Precision Agronomist, IN10T

Although IN10T is expanding into new areas of the Ag Tech realm, the FarmerTrials network and the work of our agronomy team remain core to our client offering in 2022. Testing commercial products before they are available on the open market is a paramount step in the process of innovation. Collaborating with innovative clients that are bringing new input products to the market drives these trials. With stringent research and quality standards to meet USDA approval, our clients rely on IN10T to collect the necessary data for trial success.  

The network of farmers that participate in our agronomic field trials and market research surveys continues to grow, making them an integral influencer for the future of agriculture. “It’s a unique position that IN10T is in, working with clients testing their pre-commercial products. Growers that like to be on the cutting edge of technology, early adopters, are getting a chance to try new products before they are on the market. IN10T facilitates the acceleration of these products that farmers may not try otherwise,” says Colton Mills, Precision Agronomist at IN10T.

FarmerTrial growers can expect a “hands-on” approach from the agronomy team during the growing season. IN10T’s proprietary INfield app allows agronomists to go through a checklist for data collection, organizing field visits, and prepare their supplies. After it’s collected, all the data from INfield is synced to the INvision portal, where farmers can view information for their specific field. Clients can also view the full field and trial progress via the online INvision portal. Agronomists input collected data for soil samples, stand counts, and tissue samples measuring nutrient up-take. Environmental impacts like weed or insect pressure, drought stress, and other variables that might affect the outcome of the trial, along with plant photos, are documented as well. “Communicating with the farmer what is being seen in the field, especially if a problem area stands out is always my policy,” comments Colton. “We want to be seen as a partner in the field, helping to get the best results possible.  

This image from the INvision platform, shows the application layer of the product being tested in the middle, with a crop photo from one of the visits on the right.

Integrated into the INfield app, satellite imagery can be overlaid onto the field being tested to check for plant vigor, drought, or pest issues. “The imagery is like another form of insurance and helps direct us to ground truth potential problem areas in the field,” states Colton. An aerial perspective can also be helpful in predicting yield potential when comparing maturity and plant vigor. With the imagery, farmers often have a good estimate of how that crop will yield. IN10T then collects the yield data from all the trials during harvest and provides a report that summarizes how the product being tested compared to the control area in the field.

This image from the INvision platform shows the application layer of the product being tested with the overlay of NDVI imagery (2021 growing season) near harvest time to produce a yield map. In 2022, we will have a new imagery layer available from Planet.

Providing valuable insights to clients through real-world, large-scale, farmer-driven trials continues to be the gold standard for product adoption. Using valuable tools like the  INfield app, and with a focus on collaborating with innovative farmers, IN10T helps accelerate the adoption of agriculture’s newest products.