INvision was built to move innovations from ideation to commercialization, faster and more predictably than ever before

Blog by: IN10T 

Before INvision, spreadsheets were the go-to method of tracking field trials.

When IN10T ran its first field trials in 2017, Kevin and Randy drove around the Midwest doing field visits and keeping track of all the data on spreadsheets. They had to print paper maps to locate the correct fields and narrow them down to the trial area of the crop. “It was a long, hard summer,” said Kevin Heikes, IN10T Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. The pair quickly realized there had to be a better, more efficient way to collect and process all the field-trial data they were gathering. With that pioneering spirit, INvision was built to help move agricultural products from ideation to commercialization, faster and more predictably than ever before.

INvision provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire trial program or demo experience, from farmer enrollment through post-harvest analytics, allowing clients to drive critical stakeholder decisions and ensure complete data sets at the end of the season. There’s more than planting and harvest data that impact a trial, so we’ve continued to be agile by integrating more information including soil profiles, drone imagery, lab data (of tissue sampling), and showing precise product and application-specific data layers within field boundaries.

Kevin stated, “With INvision, we’re able ingest and churn out more data than ever before. Instead of 50 fields a year, we can process data for thousands of fields in a short timeframe.” The software was designed to provide real-world benefits to our field trial program.

The benefits include:

  1. Designed to ingest data from nearly all existing monitors, sensors, and farm management information systems, making it very versatile with any farm management system.
  2. Provides companies and farmers visibility of trial program information, including map-based field selection, agronomic practices, demographic and environmental data, analytical insights reports and more.
  3. Users also have access to INFIELD, a connected mobile app that allows them to track geo-tagged field visits, take photos and upload field notes on the go. And all the information is uploaded and viewable within INvision.

Getting the data into INvision has never been easier, with the development of IN10T’s proprietary INFIELD app, which is in its first full year of use during the 2022 growing season. The app delivers geo-located field visit information (images, crop ratings, condition notes, etc.) that feed directly into the INvision platform. What once was a multi-step, long process can now be completed in minutes, right from the field.

Agronomist, Colton Mills, using the INFIELD app while doing a field visit in Nebraska.

INFIELD lets clients and agronomists go through a checklist for data collection, organizing field visits, and prepare their supplies. “INvision is able to calculate the growth stage of the crop, using GDD (growing degree days) and planting dates, which gives us an approximate estimate for planning field visits,” comments Colton Mills, IN10T Agronomist. “After visits are planned out, the mobile app helps me navigate to different treatments with the help of the trial data our farmers submit.  I can then go through my check list for each treatment with the field visit protocol being programed in. The app also lets me take notes and add pictures right in the field. When you put all these tools together it can really help you tell the story and even help explain results at harvest time.”

Agronomists input collected data for soil samples, stand counts, and tissue samples, measuring nutrient uptake. Once the data is collected and recorded in the INFIELD app, it is synced to the INvision portal, where farmers can view information for their specific field, and clients can view the full field and trial progress.

Integrated into the Invision app, satellite imagery can be overlaid onto the field being tested to check for plant vigor, drought, or pest issues. “The imagery is like another form of insurance and helps direct us to ground truth potential problem areas in the field,” states Colton. An aerial perspective can also be helpful in predicting yield potential when comparing maturity and plant vigor. With the imagery, farmers often have a good estimate of how that crop will yield.

Before the INvision and INFIELD, all of the field boundaries needed to be printed out.

INvision offers the visibility of consistent, high-quality data in a single web-based interface and mobile app. Our unique approach brings together all aspects of a farmer’s production process into a scalable system that allows us deliver useful insights with even more speed and agility.

As agriculture evolves to meet the growing demands of consumers, IN10T is focused on the future, by providing more reliable field-level data and insights at scale, so that our clients can have the confidence to know where their products will deliver the most value.  As we grow, we’ve become less dependent on spreadsheets and paper maps, but we still provide the same reliable customer service and accurate data collection that the Ag Industry has come to rely on for on-farm, large-scale trials. We just do it better and faster than we used to thanks to the technology at our fingertips.