Some of you may read FarmerTrials and wonder, “what is that?”  Is it the hardships of farming, legal cases of farmers, lab testing of farmers, the daily life of farming…?

Actually, it is really a very simple concept that Farmers can and should be paid to execute valuable research on their farms and about their perspectives.   You might ask yourself why hasn’t this happened before?   You might have said, ”I have had all sorts of people pester me with trialing products and phone surveys and it never once made it worth my while”.  That will never happen at FarmerTrials.  The worst thing that can happen is you get paid, the best thing is you rapidly grow your knowledge about your farm to drive profits and join a community of like-minded farmers.


Interest in trials started for our Co-Founder, Randy Barker,  back doing small plot research on crop protection products for a large multinational.  He would then try his newly minted knowledge back on the farm, talking about all the good science he had learned.  This was often followed by “learning” and assimilating information about what happens in real life versus small scale research when they tried it on the farm.   It was both costly and a real disappointment to learn that not all things that work in a lab or on a small scale, actually work the same when you try them at a field or farm scale.  This became the foundation for what is known today as FarmerTrials!

A few things remain true about farmers who are successful; one is hard work, the others are a consistent effort to make things more efficient, reliable and ultimately make a profit!


We built FarmerTrials to take advantage of the digital technology acceleration on today’s farms, that makes it possible to do meaningful farm scale research that will help avoid the number of failures from “research” to “real” on-farm implementation.   FarmerTrials is part of IN10T (in-tent) which oversees and coordinates the research projects with agribusinesses and ensures that we do great work, and get farmers paid.


Several advances in farm technology, data science, connectivity and remote sensing make it possible for farmers to participate and get paid for meaningful research on their farm and about their perceptions. The digital and precision world has arrived – we can capture more data, and move it faster than ever. Each pixel of data from each piece of equipment can be valuable when it is managed properly. Companies need the real-time and real-world information to compete and deliver Farmer value in a digital and precision driven world.

Companies don’t need more products, they need better products FarmerTrials can get paid to do that. New technologies need to be evaluated on real farms to understand real value and utility. FarmerTrials is a place where objective data and farmer feedback about new technologies can be generated to drive better innovation. Farmers are in control of their data and working with FarmerTrials bring the value to their data by setting up paid experiments that each Farmer can choose to participate in. Their data will only be used in the way that they permit.


The Farmer benefits are several.  You learn more about the latest technologies and your operation, get cutting edge support from the FarmerTrials team, you get paid for your efforts and time and best of all you join a community of like-minded farmers who can drive their individual success by working together.