Bill McDonnell
Bill McDonnellCCA
Bill McDonnell is the owner of McDonnell Ag Solutions LLC. He works with operations to help utilize their precision agriculture data to maximize ROI on their farms. Bill also farms himself and is a Certified Crop Adviser with the 4R Nutrient Management Specialist designation.

Joel Mathiowetz
Joel MathiowetzFarmerTrials AgTech Lead
Joel Mathiowetz is a 5th generation farmer near Morgan, Minnesota. He raises corn, soybeans, peas, and lambs. He is also a crop insurance agent, owner of Farm Gate Consulting LLC, and is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.

Justin Ogle
Justin OgleFarmerTrials AgTech Lead
Record Harvest’s mission is simple – to make precision agriculture simple, practical, and profitable for our customers. We can do this because we approach precision agriculture from a farmer’s perspective. That comes natural because many of us at Record Harvest are farmers or have a background in farming. That’s important when separating hype from the true practicality of the latest offerings in precision technology.
Chad Rubbelke
Chad RubbelkeFarmerTrials AgTech Lead
Chad Rubbelke and his father are the current owners of the family’s century farm situated in the heart of the North Dakota Prairie Pothole Region. They operate 3,000 acres and raise a variety of crops including: durum, spring wheat, canola, soybeans, barley, sunflowers, and flax.



What is the IN10T AgTech Network?

  • Regionalized IN10T network with ability to engage growers with FarmerTrials and new paid research opportunities

  • Thought leaders in AgTech that seek to test and Advance Agriculture

  • Agricultural Entrepreneurs building their brand and business as part of the IN10T AgTech Agent Network

  • Tech and data enthusiasts seeking to gain better understanding data science and tools in Ag through paid Field Trials

  • Influencers that will be on the ground level of building farmer trials and part of the IN10T Solutions platform

IN10T AgTech Agent Roles and Responsibilities

  • Agents will be listed on FarmerTrials.com and IN10T websites with Picture and Bio

  • Have Local Agronomy Knowledge and understand local markets, products and perceptions.

  • Nominate and help recruit local growers to field trials that match farm demographics

  • Will be able to answer basic trial questions and be the liaison between IN10T Data analytics and Farmers in specific trials

  • Support local Growers Data and field trial protocols- Product application etc.

  • Be proficient in working with RAW data files and have working knowledge of the process to move machine data for field trials to IN10T Analytics platform.

  • Understand hardware (Deere, Precision Planting etc) , software (Field View, SMS, etc) and be able to help transfer local trial data from Farm to IN10T (Google, Dropbox etc)