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24 07, 2020

Biologicals 101 | A Farmer’s Perspective


Hear from IN10T CEO Randy Barker and Iowa farmer Sean Blomgren as they discuss the on farm impacts of biologicals. The discussion goes into detail on why Sean believes not only in biologicals, but also sustainable methods on his farm. Sean sees three major impact areas. Plant growth, sustainability, and potential interest from stakeholders. IN10T is excited not only about our partnership with Sean, but also how biologicals will continue to reshape the agriculture industry. Learn more about our expertise in this area. Contact us today! info@in10t.ag | 888-848-6372

Biologicals 101 | A Farmer’s Perspective2022-05-20T19:34:42+00:00
20 05, 2020

Listen to IN10T Podcasts


Listen in as members of the IN10T Team share the FarmerTrials process, talk about our goals for the company, and discuss the future of AgTech adoption. Future of Agriculture Tim Hammerich spoke with IN10T COO Kevin Heikes about not only his experiences in the agriculture industry, but also the founding of IN10T. Kevin described the purpose and values behind the IN10T program and how FarmerTrials supports farmers in their pursuit of better products. Dan Poston from Pivot Bio, Iowa Farmer Sean Blomgren, and IN10T Sr. Precision Agronomy Lead Kyle Morrow sit down with AgGrad to discuss the trial process. IN10T CEO Randy Barker, North Dakota Farmer Chad Rubbelke, and Compass Minerals National Agronomy Coordinator John Grandin discuss customer adoption. This conversation covers the FarmerTrials journey, from the farmer view on field trials to how companies use the data to improve their products. Global Ag Network ...

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14 04, 2020

Farmer Testimonials


Being a part of the FarmerTrials Network can provide incredible opportunity, including the chance to grow your understanding of innovative farm products. These farmers have all participated in one or more of our trial offerings, and were able to gain benefits such as field reports, an understanding of the products they were using on their crops, and the chance to interact with representatives from the companies who partnered with IN10T on trials. Do you want to participate in trials and get paid for it? Then go to our home page at www.in10t.ag and select the sign up button to learn more. Bryan Tomm Justin Ogle Brett Huber Mitchell Hora

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20 03, 2020

What is FarmerTrials?


Curious about what FarmerTrials is and want to learn more about how the process works? Check out how FarmerTrials is designed with farmers in mind. Sign up here!

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