2022 Lucent BioSciences Soileos Field Trial Application


*Please note:
The 2022 trial has been filled. You may still complete the application form to be placed on the wait list.

Lucent BioSciences has developed a new, organic, plant-based “smart” fertilizer called Soileos. Through an innovative, patented delivery system, Soileos makes micronutrients available to crops throughout their growth cycle, producing higher yields of crops with increased nutrient densities. Soileos is designed to stay in the soil to fortify it, rather than leaching and potentially impacting the groundwater.

We are seeking corn, soybean, and wheat farmers in Canada who are interested in measuring and understanding the impact of using Soileos in their operation.

Farm requirements:

  • Trial participants will need air seeder, planter, broadcast, or strip-till equipment to apply 15 lbs/acre of granular Soileos
  • Soileos will be applied on 15-20 acres
  • Participants must have the ability to collect digital data

Farmers who are interested in working with Soileos can apply at the link below.

Fill out the form below to apply.