2022 Sulvaris Field Trial Application (*Full — Wait List)


*Please note:
The 2022 trial has been filled. You may still complete the application form to be placed on the wait list.

Sulvaris® is a revolutionary agri-tech company that focuses on crop input technologies for the future of sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Sulvaris has successfully developed and commercialized its leading enhanced efficiency Micronized Sulfur Technology® (MST) with Nutrien, the largest global fertilizer producer and retailer.

The transformative power of Sulvaris’ Micronized Sulphur Technology unlocks the nutritional value of elemental sulphur within the growing season, without the risk of the sulphate form of sulphur moving below the root zone of the crop, making it unavailable and a potential pollutant. We are seeking corn farmers who are interested in measuring and understanding the impact of MST on their operations.

Farm requirements

  • Corn farmer
  • Collect digital data

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