2022 UPL Forage Sorghum Field Trial Application


UPL Ltd. is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions. Through its group company Advanta, UPL delivers high value crops all over the globe. One of those technologies is igrowth, the world’s first commercial herbicide-tolerant technology for sorghum.  igrowth sorghum contains a proprietary non-GMO imidazolinone tolerance technology, which allows farmers to spray a companion imidazolinone herbicide from UPL (currently under EPA review) for pre- or post-emergence control over broadleaf and grass weeds without causing damage to the crop. When paired with the companion ImiFlex, igrowth technology helps reduce the water and nutrients that weeds use allowing more for the target sorghum crop.

We are seeking corn farmers who are interested in measuring the performance of the igrowth sorghum against corn in large scale field trials.

Farm requirements

  • Corn farmers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Texas
  • Collect digital data
  • Plant a center pivot field half corn and half forage sorghum
  • Ability to apply additional irrigation to corn trial
  • Apply ImiFlex herbicide to trial
  • Ability to harvest both trial crops (corn and forage sorghum) as silage